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Rent (Result)

Bauskas nov., Kurmenes pag.,

Auction starting price:
24.84 EUR
Cadastre number: 32620010050
Object type: Land (other)
Published 04.09.2023

Objects for rent

Name Object type Area (m2) Additional payments (€/m2 per month) Rent/starting price (€/month) Total (€/month)
Auction information
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Result: Noslēgts līgums
Highest bidder: Jānis Šteinbergs
Highest bid: 24.84
Contract start date: 19.09.2023
Contract end date: 14.09.2029
Auction date and time: 04.09.2023 - 13.09.2023 00:00
Application term: 12.09.2023 23:59 (expired)
Auction step: -
Security deposit: -
Maximum lease term: 6 gadi
Application place: elektroniski
Auction type: -
Auction round: First round
Published: 04.09.2023
Cadastre identifier: 32620010050
Area (m2): 39700
Purpose: 01 - Agricultural land